All about alionmind records!

alionmind records was founded in 2004 with the birth of the alionsonny project. It is not a real record label, but just a name under which the works of the projects alionsonny, Cimelium and Willma Poppen are released. alionmind records is actually just me, Jürgen Wolther from Hamburg / Germany. Some volunteers are some times helping to get some stuff done, but generally alionmind is a one man army. During the first years (until 2012), alionmind was not very important, because until then all works by me were released under the alionsonny project. This led to some confusion and anger among the, slowly growing, community of the listeners of alionsonny. Most of the listeners expected a new release of the alionsonny project to be of the well-known special flavor of Reggae. Suddenly they were confronted with electronic synth pop/rock, as, for example, on the album "Electronic Spacerock" from 2010 or even soundtrack style music on the album "Alion - The Original Soundtrack" from the same year. So, at some point between 2010 and 2012, the decision was made to split the "artistic identity" of alionsonny into 3 distinct artistic identities, of which alionsonny should be solely focussed on "reggae-ish" music. And this was the point, when alionmind records became important. Because from now on it happened, that some people knew about just one alionmind project, and didn't know about the others. So now a "common roof" was really handy. Let's summarize this: alionmind records is here, so all listeners of my music find a place, where they get information about all 3 (and 1 or 2 in the making) music projects and releases. Almost forgot: In 2016 I made the decision that the AlionLive video channel is also part of the "alionmind empire".
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